Asian Hair

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Asian hair is popular because of its availability and affordable price. However, we recommend purchasing this type of hair from a trusted, reliable supplier that has experience working with Asian hair.

We offer Asian hair of the highest quality. Selection is carried out by our hair experts, who have extensive experience and have been specially training in Asia. Selected Asian hair has a more thin structure, is silky and has a brown tint.

When the Asian hair is collected, it is washed and combed out. The washing process takes place using the most modern technologies. When washing we remove all kinds of dirt and hair is aligned in the cap of tail. This way, the Asian hair we offer gets a shine and texture similar to European hair.

If you’re interested in purchasing bulk / washed wholesale Asian hair, please contact us with any questions.

Our Current Asian Hair Pricing Per Kilogram in U.S. Dollars (Shipping Not Included*): 

Length Bulk hair  Washed hair  Grey bulk  hair 
45-50cm $900 $1,100 $900
50-60cm $1,100 $1,300 $1,100
60-70cm $1,300 $1,500 $1,300
70-80cm $1,500 $1,700 $1,500

* Please contact us for the additional information and shipping options/prices.

Gallery of Asian Hair We Have Recently Sold

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