We Offer Bulk and Washed Uzbek Hair

Bulk Uzbek Hair

We offer unwashed bulk Uzbek hair for the manufacture of wigs, chignons, and hair extensions.

This type of hair appeared on the raw hair market more recently, but has quickly gained popularity. Uzbek hair is popular primarily due to its unique structure and similarity to European hair. Uzbek hair successfully compensates for the shortage of European (Slavic) hair on the market, which becomes more and more difficult to collect.

Uzbek hair is very durable, and is well suited to be used with hot appliances when using hot hair extension technology.

One of the features of the Uzbek hair is its natural body and wavy structure, which makes it most suitable for the manufacture of curly wigs and hairpieces.

Natural shades of Uzbek hair go from brown to black, and the hair is good for bleaching and coloring.

Unwashed (bulk) Uzbek hair is an excellent choice for our clients who want to save money and buy a quality product at a lower price. We guarantee the quality of the hair, as our employees make a careful selection before making it available to our customers.

Washed Uzbek Hair

The washed Uzbek hair we offer is a finished product for using in producing of wigs and other hair products as well as a component of a variety of modern hair extension technologies.

Uzbek hair is collected in the countries of Asia, especially in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. The raw hair material from this region is different from other Asian hair (primarily Chinese) because of its fine silky structure, it is most similar to the European (Slavic, Russian) hair structure. Due to its quality, Uzbek hair is an excellent replacement for European hair in the market of raw hair materials, and it is suitable for European women. Uzbek hair is perfect for hair extension technologies, including hot hair extensions.

The advantage of washed Uzbek hair compared with unwashed (bulk) hair is that when washing hair is cleaned from any dirt, short hairs and upturned hair. Hair is aligned in the cap of tail. Because in the process of washing hair loses some of its original weight, washed hair is always more expensive.

Our professionals have extensive experience with this type of hair and they make a careful selection and sorting before sending it to our customers.

Our Current Uzbek Hair Pricing Per Kilogram in U.S. Dollars (Shipping Not Included*): 

Length Bulk hair  Washed hair  Grey bulk  hair 
45-50cm $1,100 $1,300 $1,000
50-60cm $1,300 $1,600  $1,200
60-70cm $1,500 $1800 $1400
70-80cm $1,700 $2,000 $1,600

* Please contact us for the additional information and shipping options/prices.

Gallery of Uzbek Hair We Have Recently Sold

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